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Learn more about the positions here:

Events Portfolio

The events portfolio will be responsible for planning and hosting two upcoming invitationals as well as planning for the Nationals trip to Toronto while working closely with the finance portfolio.

HR Portfolio

The HR portfolio will be responsible for overseeing all internal relations, as well as planning club socials while keeping the best interests of the club in mind.

External Portfolio

The external portfolio will be responsible for communicating with third parties (e.g. sponsors, venues etc.) and working closely with events to ensure that all planned events run smoothly.

Finance Portfolio

The finance portfolio will be responsible for working closely with all portfolios to facilitate events and fundraisers, especially the Nationals trip, while working with external sponsors.

Marketing & Media Portfolio

The marketing and media portfolio will be responsible for managing socials pages, creating promotional materials for all of our events, and designing posters and merch for Ace.

Academics Portfolio

The academics portfolio is responsible for the weekly trainings of delegates, coming up with creative slides, and researching material for the biweekly training sessions.

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